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6020 6021Polyester film

6020/6021 Polyester film is biaxially oriented polyethelene terephthalate (PET) film. 6020-transparent. 6021- milky white.

>>Features and Applications:

- Class E insulation (120°C)

- High mechanical strength and excellent dielectric property.

- As slot , interphase and liner insulation for coils and cables, as well as producing insulating flexible composite material.


- In rolls,in strips


6051 Polyimide Film

6051 Polyimide film is synthesized by polymerizing PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature.

>>Features and Applications:

- Class H insulation (180°C)

- Excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269°C and as high as +500F(+260°C. Because of its unique excellent properties, it is the ideal choice among many applications.


In rolls, in strips